Adventure Park,
Universe with Accommodation

Adventure Park Universe Family Package, with free admission to Universe for a whole day, plus accommodation and breakfast buffet, is a popular and attractive offer for many families with children.

Adventure Park, Universe – For the Whole Family
Universe is a theme park where children and adults can play their way to knowledge of the natural sciences, and tumble from one experiment and fun natural phenomenon to the other.

Lift a car, dig with a real excavator, and experience a geyser eject water 18 meters into the air.

Test your natural abilities, learn more about different forms of energy, and much more. Anything can happen at Universe when you use your body, senses and curiosity.

Prices - Universe
Two adults and two children under 12 years including breakfast buffet1300
Two adults and two children under 12 years, excluding breakfast buffet1100

All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK).


Family Package with Free Admission and Accommodation – 1,300 DKK
Our Universe Family Package includes 1 night in a comfortable family room with private bathroom, and a large and delicious breakfast buffet – always with freshly baked bread. The price is for two adults and two children under 12 years. REMEMBER: with tickets in hand, you will not have to wait in line. Learn more about Adventure Park Universe here.