Save 10% with a Hostelling International (HI) Card

With a valid Hostelling International (HI) Card, you can get 10% off room rates at all Danhostels, including Haderslev Danhostel. The card can be purchased at any Danhostel and costs 160 DKK.

Budget Accommodation from 221 DKK.
With a HI card in hand, you get low priced accommodation in Haderslev from just 221 DKK in a single room. See all prices with and without discount.

Valid Worldwide
The card is valid for 12 months, can be used at all Danhostels and any hostel that is a member of Hostelling International (HI).

With a HI card, you have access to a number of discount agreements. Learn more at

Hostelling International Card per person 150 DKK. The price is in Danish kroner (DKK).
The card is valid for 1 year and is good value for most guests.